Underground Garage Storm Shelter

Flatsafe Tornado Shelters

Mother Nature sustains life but at times it can be unpredictable, devastating and violent. A storm has extreme power to rip apart even the strongest buildings. There is only one safe place where you can hide during a storm and it is underground. However, just going underground is not sufficient. The underground structure build as a storm shelter must withstand the severe pull and pressure of storms. All family members should find a place in it. It should be easy to get in and out. Flat Safe storm shelters give you guarantee of all these features and more.

The underground storm shelters designed by Flatsafe are made to the highest standards. The shelter will be built according to your specific requirements and preferences. It will be constructed as required by you without compromising the safety standards and quality. A garage is an ideal place to build such a shelter. It is on the ground and in most cases used only when the vehicle needs to be parked or taken out. Some homeowners use their garage for other purposes but it is rarely a place that is used for long hours every day. This makes it an ideal place to build the underground storm shelter.

A storm shelter is not something where you experiment and try to see if a contractor will do a good job. Do not take chance with inexperienced contractors. Once it has been built, you have to pay the contractor. You will be unable to do anything if the constructed shelter does not meet safety and quality standards. It can be risky and a waste of money if you hire an unknown or inexperienced contractor to build such a critical structure. A quality shelter construction can be the difference between life and death so you cannot take chance with an inexperienced contractor. Deal with a professional storm shelter contractor. Flatsafe has built excellent reputation in this industry due to quality of its shelters, quick customer services and timely completion of projects. Your shelter will be built within your budget.

There are four types of Flat Safe storm shelters – high density polyethylene, fiber reinforced polymer, hot dip galvanized and black coat epoxy. The first three types of shelters carry 50-year warranty while the black coat epoxy shelter carries 10-year warranty. Contact Flat Safe now if you have any question regarding what type of storm shelter is best for you. You will receive expert guidance from the storm shelter professionals who have years of experience in this field. The shelter will never float. Tulsa storm shelter is back filled and constructed with ready mix concrete to make it a strong and durable construction. It will remain grounded and secure in its place even during the strongest storms.

OKC storm shelters by Flat Safe have been put through all types of tests to check their effectiveness against the most powerful storms. Construction of a storm shelter is a complex process and this job must be handled by a contractor that specializes in this field. You do not have to worry about these issues when you hire Flatsafe to build your storm shelter. Its experienced storm shelter experts use right tools and equipment to build the shelter quickly and easily. A Flatsafe storm shelter comes with 50-year warranty, giving you complete satisfaction and peace of mind. The shelter construction is resistant to damage and environmental stress. It is waterproof and rust resistant. Consult Flat Safe storm shelter experts if you are planning such a project.