Tornado Season 2018

2018 Oklahoma Tornado Season is here, prepare with a properly equipped storm shelter.

Oklahoma Tornado Season Is Here


It’s already that time of year again, sirens ringing through town warning of the possibility of a tornado touching down here in Oklahoma. It can be a very scary thing to experience if you are not used to dealing with the threat. The 2018 tornado season has already kicked off with enough warnings to satisfy my thirst for danger. Even with the warnings overhead, there is something eerie about the potential threat and the unknown. We never really know when and where a tornado will touch down, it can pass overhead and touch down a half mile from where your home is and you just one the location lottery. There you sit from your porch that is intact watching the twister rip through neighborhoods miles away, you can get that lucky, while others can lose it all to the natural disaster. There are always proper preparation methods that can be executed to make sure you and your family aren’t stranded long should a disaster strike. One of the most important things you can do for your home is to install a storm shelter. You can visit the FlatSafe website to determine if a below ground shelter would be suitable for your property, or if an above ground shelter would be the better option. For those of you without a storm shelter should consider some of the DIY Storm Shelter Options.

Preparing Your Storm Shelter In Advance

HDPE Storm SheltersOnce your storm shelter is installed, there are some steps you can take to make sure that in the case of an emergency the shelter is equipped to house your family long enough for help to come. Maintaining the storm shelter on a bi-monthly basis is suggested. Most shelters will come with a winch, test that on occasion to make sure it hasn’t corroded from moisture are jammed up from debris. Most storm shelter owners will equip the shelter with a car battery, charging system, regular batteries, canned foods, water, communication devices, first aid kits, and various other storm shelter accessories. You must anticipate the worst when preparing your shelter for the big day. You just don’t know how much of your structure may end up on top of your shelter, potentially jamming your lid and locking you in. This is far better than the alternative, but could still be a disastrous situation if the shelter isn’t properly equipped to keep your family alive for a few days or more. There are online guides for disaster preparation and everyone in Oklahoma should take the time to read through them carefully. Your shelter should have numbers and email addresses for local search and rescue, family and friends, and any other resource that could assist with your survival. Charging cables for phones and computers would also be something you should consider.

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