Garage Storm Shelter Prices

Storm Shelter Companies


Bad weather can happen fast in Oklahoma, so it is important to know garage storm shelter prices for a number of reasons. One is to choose the right features as well as find one that can fit your budget yet still provide the right amount of safety. Installation costs can be very high because every shelter is customized. In addition, the size of the shelter also determines cost which can go up into the thousands of dollars depending on the size; which often comes in a wide variety with several optional features.

There are cost factors when creating a budget to install a garage and shelter include: size, materials, soil conditions, location, and concrete pouring. One of the largest factors when determining cost is the size. If you want keep within a smaller budget, FEMA recommends a 6 square foot space per person for a tornado shelter.

The durability and quality of the materials will have a direct impact on the cost of the shelter. For example, some types of fiberglass materials are more expensive than corrugated steel. The soil conditions play a role in the cost if the ground underneath you is very hard.

If the area requires special equipment to excavate the shelter, this could drive up the cost. Many people cut costs by skipping the step of pouring concrete in and around the shelter. Although it is cost saving, the shelter could float out of the ground during flooding.

During a tornado, one of the safest places to be is underground. Oklahoma storm shelter companies provide garage storm shelters that are a great option since they can be installed underground in your garage and not take up space. With this design, your car will be parked over the shelter in the garage and you will still have access for your vehicle. It is also a space saving design in addition to a safe place when there is a tornado warning or bad weather.

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