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Installing Storm Shelters

When installing storm shelters it recommended that you invest in an in-garage installation, or in-home installation if possible. It is our belief that having access to these shelters from the interior of the home is a much safer option than installing the shelter outside of the property. Interior access to the garage in most homes is common, which is why we make that recommendation. However, if the garage is not accessible from the interior, and there is a more universal location that has multiple access points than that should be considered prior to installation. When hiring a storm shelter installation contractor that discussion should take place before any groundwork is made. Properly locating the installation area is of the utmost importance.

FlatSafe Storm Shelters

What Size Shelter Is Right For You?

This is a great question and the answer depends on the number of people you will be needing to fit inside. Here is a general guideline to help you navigate that decision. Again, any professional storm shelter installation contractor in OKC or the surrounding areas will help you make that call. The bigger the better.

Sizing & Dimensions

Shelter Size
Epoxy Painted Steel
Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel
High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
4 – 6 Person
4 – 6 Person
4 – 6 Person
6 – 8 Person
6 – 8 Person
6 – 8 Person
8 – 10 Person
8 – 10 Person
8 – 10 Person

Pricing varies on location – Call For Pricing: 866-520-FLAT.

 Purchasing Your Oklahoma City Storm Shelter Installation Permit

Prior to installation, you will need to purchase a permit to legally have your storm shelter installed on your property. This is specific to Oklahoma City and is required for above ground and under ground storm shelters.

Here are the requirements as referenced from OKC.GOV

Storm Shelter Permit

In Oklahoma City, a building permit is required to install an above or below ground storm shelter.

*** Fees ***

In-Ground or Slope-Top Shelter – $53.50

FlatSafe Storm Shelters

Above Ground Safe Room – $70.50

storm shelters oklahoma

How to get a storm shelter permit

Step 1

The following information is needed to get a permit.
**Contact your contractor for these documents.

Completed building permit application (PDF)
Engineered Specifications per FEMA 320/ICC 500**
Letter regarding Floatation (for in-ground and slope-top shelters only)**
Floor Plan (for in-garage or in-house shelters only)
Visit the Oklahoma County Assessor’s website for floor plans
Site Plan (for outside shelters)

Step 2

Bring required documents to our office.

Submit in person Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at 420 W Main St., 8th Floor. Your request will be reviewed while you wait.
You can also send your permit request by fax to (405) 297-2178. We will contact you for payment by credit card.

Step 3

Once you have paid for your permit and the shelter has been installed and inspected, you may register it with the City online or by calling the Action Center at (405) 297-2535. You may also request that your shelter be automatically registered on the building permit application in the remarks section of the form.

If you have questions or need permit assistance call (405) 297-2525.

After Your Shelter Is Installed – Register It

It is important that you register shelter with the City after it has been installed. This will get you added to the database so that your family will be checked on in the event of an emergency. It’s not common, but it does happen. Shelter doors can jam or become covered in debris to a degree that the shelter winch is unable to open the lid. Make sure you install a hefty winch that can move some weight.

Oklahoma County Storm Shelter Registration

Oklahoma County Sheriff's Department

OCSO Storm Shelter Registration

*NOTE this form is for Oklahoma County jurisdiction residents only, where the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office responds for emergencies. If you live within a city/town outside of Oklahoma County jurisdiction, please contact your municipality.*

If you prefer to mail or fax your information, please use this form.



Gate Code (if applicable):

*Number of people residing in the Residence:

*Home Phone:

Cell Phone:

*Where is your storm shelter located? Provide specific information of where your shelter is on your property or within your home or garage:

Name and Number of your Employer:

Emergency Contact Name and Number:

Second Emergency Contact Name and Number:

In an effort to aide law enforcement and emergency response, I authorize the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office to enter the above information into the CAD system to allow for quicker access to my emergency contacts.

 Yes  No



FEMA Media Library Data

National Storm Shelter Association

National Wind Institute

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