Tornado Shelters In Garage Floor

Garage Storm Shelter Prices


When disaster strikes it is important to know that your family will be protected. Having a safe haven near your home to curb the worry of inconvenience. And what better way than being protected in your own home? The cost of a storm shelter can make you reluctant, but the safety of your family shouldn’t.

At first there was controversy when the idea of a shelter in your garage was pitched; as the traditional shelter was built at an angle for debris to slide off and not trap the occupants. However, not everyone has the space for the traditional shelter outside, so the selling point came when it was suggested to be under your garage floor.

Underground storm shelters are prebuilt and then installed in your home after being tested. It differs from a basement by the fact that it has a reinforced door and walls.

The shelters have come a long way from the rusting, leaking and poor ventilation boxes to a safe harbor bordering on a sanctuary. Using the space beneath your garage is every new homeowner with limited space’s dream.

The cost of a storm shelter varies greatly, depending on size, materials used, luxury, the amount of security and tech. Even though it can be costly it should not necessarily be a worry as there are organizations that help with funding of shelters.

Many of the companies that install the shelter do in-home consultations, to discuss the best place to build the shelter and to put your mind at ease for any queries you may have, at absolutely no cost.

Make sure that when you are choosing or designing a tornado shelter for your home that it meets or even exceeds the FEMA 320 standard.

When your safety is on the line it is important to know that you have access to safety for your family when the gale force winds are blowing.

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