Underground Garage Storm Shelters Installation

Tornado Shelters In Garage Floor


Mother Nature has proven time and again to be a force to reckon with, especially when it comes to being scary and destructive. For this reason, severe weather conditions like tornadoes are not to be underestimated. With a capacity to whirl winds at over 300mph, tornadoes collect all kinds of debris along their way. They are capable of turning docile materials into fast moving objects, which not only wreak havoc but also cause massive loss of lives. Luckily, various innovations like an underground storm shelter can keep you safe from such calamities.

With the availability of other types storm shelters to choose from, why should you go for an underground storm shelter? Well, here are some merits that makes an underground shelter a suitable choice for many homeowners.


In times of a storm or tornado, every minute counts. This means that you do not have time to go outside the house to look for a safe place to protect you and your loved ones. Since an underground storm shelter is installed inside your property, it is more accessible than the one constructed outside the house. In fact, an underground shelter is suitable for a family with elderly, young children or disabled members.

An Economical Option that Saves on Space

Unlike above ground shelters, underground storm shelters are installed in the ground. This means that they occupy less space in your basement or garage. The only space that is needed is for opening the door when one needs to enter the shelter. Furthermore, an underground storm shelter is an economical choice since constructing a house that can withstand tornadoes and storms can be a costly task.


Installing an underground storm shelter provides you and your family the ultimate protection from tornadoes and storms. When such catastrophes hit your house, the roof and other aspects of the house may collapse leaving the storm shelter intact. In fact, the shelter will shield you from flying debris, which are whirled by the strong winds at incredible strength and speed.

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